Welcome to the mechatronic world of Mécanique Vivante where chickens play the piano, chainsaws fly and the Sirens really sing...
Mechanical invention at its most spectacular

For 30 years, Franz Clochard and his company Mécanique Vivante have been at the forefront of mechanical and musical invention and technological innovation.
His love of misappropriating everyday objects found its apotheosis the day Franz Clochard came across an air raid siren. The prodigious task of subjugating the raucous sound of an air raid siren into an agile, expressive voice has culminated in the creation of a seven-piece, polyphonic orchestra of musical Sirens: the Song of the Sirens.
This madcap project combines 19th century invention with 21st century technology. The range and expression of the musical Siren is unrivalled and its acoustic resonance is without equal amongst musical instruments.



40th anniversary of Ladrecht

Tailor-made show - 1 May

Parade, 7.30pm Place de la mairie d’Alès 

Show 9.30pm Puits Fontanes, Alès (30)

Rendez Vous aux Jardins

Alfresco Recitals 5 & 6 juin 11am & 5pm

Jardins de la Fontaine

Nimes (30)

'Fête de la musique' at the MECA, Bordeaux

A new composition for the Siren Orchestra followed by Siren Symphony

21 June 9pm at the MECA

Bordeaux (33)

'A Tout Vent' Kite Festival

A tailor-made show for Sirens & Kites

3 July 10pm

Notre Dame de Monts (85)

SPRAOI Festival

Street Harmonics - Carte blanche

30 juillet 9.30pm

Waterford, Ireland

Vidin International Festival (Bulgaria)

Street Harmonics - Carte blanche

20 & 21 August - Vidin

27 August - Sofia

Franz Clochard & his Flying Chainsaw

Street Harmonics at Anduze, August 2020

This show is COVID-friendly...

The Sirens' Song at Helsingor harbour  (DK)